Welcome To Lindsey's Labs!


We are an animal loving family of seven located in Bronson, MI. We not only breed labs, we also raise deer, chickens, cattle, and live on a small homesteading farm. We have had labs for a number of years however we just started breeding in 2018. We strive to raise dogs and puppies that will be the most loving, passionate and healthy dogs for your family. We take our dogs shed hunting and we take them vacationing with us when we go. All of our puppies are very acclimated with other dogs, other animals, and children. 

We are working on raising Red Labs, which is a shade of yellow, but we do have one female still that will have black labs as well. We are very active with all of our dogs, taking them on runs on our 280 acres and to play and retrieve in the river behind our home. 

We would love to share our journey with you and add a four-legged family member to your household!